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EC R&D offers a wide range of services that can help you get your product to market sooner. We are a one stop shop offering everything from engineering, graphical and industrial design, to project and vendor management.

Besides technical functionality, we also understand that your product needs to have a look and feel that will satisfy your end user.  We specialize in integrating both technical features and the style that your company desires to help you put your best foot forward.

We can handle almost any design task - if you don't see it in the list below, just ask.

    Standard Services, include:
    • Product Concept to Production Engineering
    • Industrial Design
    • Analog and Digital Electrical Circuit Design
    • Circuit Card Layout
    • Mechanical Design
    • AC/DC Motor System Design
    • Custom Component Design (including)-
      • Enclosures and Pendants
      • Rubber Keypads and Membrane Switches
      • Circuit cards
      • Overmolded cables and accessories
    • Human Interface Design
    • Ultra Ruggedized Prototypes and Product Development
    • Custom LED Fixture Design
    • Production and Vendor Management




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